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Who wore it best?!

The two young starlets both look good in the lovely Miu Miu skirt!
Do you prefer the rock&roll vibe that Emma Watson gave to her look by adding a leather jacket and a print clashing shirt or you can’t wait to copy Dree’s preppy style by matching the skirt with a monochrome sweater and brogues?

Let me know what you think!

Baci, Giulia.

who wore it best -  dree hamingwaywho wore it best - emma watson


Sporty but chic for Silverstrand

Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend! Mine was really busy, but in between my college projects and my work experience in a boutique I managed to have some free time for an afternoon stroll at Silverstrand beach near Galway.

For the occasion I decided to wear something sporty but fashionable. Leather is huge this season and I couldn’t help but get myself a few different pieces because this is a trend that I really like. However, I think that sometimes leather can be hard to wear especially for the day, so I tried to tone down my skirt with a stripy sweater and a pair of studded trainers that gave the whole outfit a little kick!

I got the shoes at an outlet in Italy when I was back there for the summer, and I’ve been wearing them a lot. I find them perfect for college  because they are comfortable and stylish at the same time, an essential aspect when you walk around all day but you still want to feel like a fashionista  😉

Baci, Giulia.



BELT: Penneys/Primark



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First post of the Autumn

Hello everyone! First I have to apologise for my very very long absence..I have about a thousand good excuses to justify my lack of posts but I guess saying that I was just plain lazy will have to do!

I promise that I’ll get back to posting at least once a week ( because I KNOW you really missed me!!!).

Now let’s start with the fist outfit of the Autumn, last Saturday I went for a walk in the countryside of County Monaghan and  I decided to wear this classic vintage blazer because it’s comfy and cosy, plus it matches perfecly with the surroundings! I matched it with a silk blouse, my beloved Top Shop trousers and black brogues ( I’m totally into brogues lately!)

One last thing, the reason why I look so out of sorts is because being quite the city girl I was terrified to ruin my shoes with the mud, which in the end  I managed to avoid by tip toeing my way back to civilization!

Baci, Giulia.

BLAZER: Caractere, vintage

BLOUSE: Benetton


SHOES: Penneys/Primark


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The Pixie crop

After my sister showed me her new pixie crop via Skype this morning I’ve been thinking how this super short, drastic hairdo has been in fashion since the ’50 and how our hair style is such a big indicator of our personality.

Sometimes a new “head” can mean a new attitude to life and can be the reflection of a change that is been going trough deep inside us, other times it’s just a way to feel different from our usual ordinary self.

In either case there are few things as good a  mood booster as a  trip to the hairstylist!

Baci, Giulia.

These are my favourite pixie cuts of all times:

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