Dreaming of holidays at the seaside…

Dreaming of holidays at the seaside
DRESS: Asos.com
SUNGLASSES: Topshop.com
SHOES: Zappos.com
BAG: Marc by Marc Jacobs
BRACELET: freddieandcinnamon.com
LIPGLOSS: Lancom.com

Hi everyone! Today, while I was trying to figure out how Polyvore works ( my relationship  with the computer is, let’s just say, a love and hate one!) I came across this lovely stripey dress with a cool lobster print on the front.  My mind immediately flew to one of those little seaside villages where you can rent a house for the season and in the late afternoon you meet with your friends for a drink that more often than not evolves into a dinner!

So I thought I would try to put together an outfit  for this imaginary meeting with all the summer essential like a nice straw bag, sunglasses and a bracelet to die for that I’ve found on this new jewellery website called: freddieandcinnamon.com !

How do you like it?


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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of holidays at the seaside…

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Great choices! Freddie&cinnamon has a great collection! Did you see my post about them?

  2. Olga says:

    Thanks so much Giulia for choosing our bracelet for your look! I am actually wearing it in a set with the amethyst and rose quartz one with my summer dress today 😉 The dress is very cute, but I think the bag and glasses are my favourite!

    • giuliapriori says:

      I’m glad you like it! I think I’m going for a summer dress too today! After a month of no stop rain we finally have some nice weather 🙂

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