Diana Vreeland “The eye has to travel”

In this post I’d like write about the woman that made Vogue America the great fashion magazine that it is  today and, no, I’m not talking about Anna Wintur!

As much as she is one of the biggest names, if not the biggest, in the fashion industry I think that Vogue wouldn’t be the same without the amazing work  that Diana Vreeland did as editor of the magazine in the sixties.

She was one of those rare person that doesn’t follow trends but creates them, and we also have to thank her for having discovered some of those unknowns who then became huge fashion icons.

One of the things that I appreciate most about Diana Vreeland is how, probably due to the fact that as she recalls in an interview,  she was considered by her own mother as “a ugly little monster”,  she developed from a young age a striking sense of personal style.

Consequentially  she always favored totally unconventional beauties during her career as a director of Harper’s Bazaar first and then Vogue .  Something that is not so common nowadays.

Before  showing you some of her unique work I’d like to share with you a picture of Diana Vreeland in front of a Chanel boutique alongside one of her famous quotes:

” You gotta have style. It helps you get down the stairs. It helps you get up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without it, you’re nobody.”

Baci, Giulia

Harper’s Bazar cover 1942

Harper’s Bazar cover, March 1943

Harper’s Bazaar, cover October 1947

Vogue, January 1969

Audrey Hepburn models for Givenchy,  Vogue, April 1963

Vogue cover,  September 1968

Vogue cover,1964


Vogue, cover July 1967

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2 thoughts on “Diana Vreeland “The eye has to travel”

  1. I love looking at old covers! That Twiggy one is so cute. I have to admitt I never thought much of DV, but that quote is fun.

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